It Is Okay to Get a Servant If You Want a Servant

You are allowed to hire a servant if you want a servant. You can hire two or three even. You can hire a whole staff. 

Servants cook your food and clean your house, if you hire them to do that. They will pack your luggage for you and do your laundry, if that's what you need. You can even have a servant travel with you to carry your bags, or travel ahead of you and unpack your luggage before you get to your hotel room. 

Virginia Woolf had servants. You can too! 

[jump] There is no shame in having a servant, if you have enough money to pay them decent wages and benefits, and if you treat them with dignity and respect.

What is ridiculous, if not shameful, is the proliferation of venture-capital-backed start ups that cater to the affluent by un-bundling the jobs of a servant and repackaging them as stand-alone app-based services, often while taking advantage of 1099 (independent contractor) employment status that keeps the proto-servants invisible and often under-paid.  

Dufl, a Tempe- and San Francisco-based start-up that packs and ships your luggage for you and received a particularly fulsome write-up in TechCrunch today, is the latest of these apps, but there are oh so many, thanks to the absurd amount of capital chasing start-up investments these days. 

Please, stop the madness. Just hire a servant. You might even get the chance to learn his or her name. 

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