It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Parking in the Handicapped Spot!

A thought-provoking art exhibit displays disabled artists’ portrayals of superheroes

By Joe Eskenazi

The ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound or sprint a locomotive may not gibe with conventional notions of…well, anything. But Superman-like qualities certainly don’t conjure up word associations with the term “disabled.”

And yet you don’t need to be Comic Book Guy to know that there are more disabled superheroes than you can shake a fistful of kryptonite at.

Just for starters, the eponymous Professor X of the X-Men and Oracle of the Birds of Prey are wheelchair-bound. And Daredevil is blind (thanks to a tube of some radioactive cooties, not the awful Ben Affleck movie).

Yet how do real disabled people – who don’t possess the ability to control others’ minds or leap across the rooftops and eliminate mad-dog Irish terrorists with a well-flung cane – conceive of super heroes? Francis Kohler figured he’d give them brushes, paints and canvas and see for himself.

The result was…

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