It's a Flier? It's a Parking Ticket? It's…the 'The Obama Deception'?!

At an undisclosed time between last evening and this morning, someone or perhaps even something placed circular white DVDs in square white envelopes on the windshields of more than a few motor vehicles in the Mission of San Francisco.

These DVDs, interestingly entitled, The Obama Deception, feature a two-hour documentary that takes vague and unfounded shots at President Barack Obama, informing us that our president is a pawn of Wall Street elites (who by the way, purposely engineered the country's financial problems, you know, sort of like how 9/11 was an inside job) and eventually, in no subtle way  compares him to Adolf Hitler. If you believe the writing on the DVD, the film was put together by one Alex Jones, a cherubic radio host (and 9/11 truther) with a gravelly Dallas accent and an off-the-wall answer for everything.

If Alex Jones did in fact make and distribute this DVD, it may be worth noting that Jones himself has been the subject of a documentary entitled New World Order, a investigation into the lives of conspiracy theorists who ardently believe that a few elite and secretive persons and committees are trying to take over the world, and gradually succeeding (disappointingly, Pinky and the Brain are absent from this discussion).

If your car was one of those that received a copy of The Obama Deception, all we can say right now is do not be alarmed. The eagle still flies at midnight, and the rapture is not yet upon us. The DVD, as far as we know, does not self-destruct. It a pinch, however, we do recommend its use as a substitute disc for Frisbee golf.  

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