‘It’s Getin’ Hot In Here’ – How Global Warming Will Affect S.F.

Flooding, heatstroke and raw sewage being swept into the Bay: Climate change just doesn’t sound like much fun at all.

By Joe Eskenazi

If, in the near future, the sea level raises by only about a meter – a conservative estimate – the computer image displayed above will be the de facto new downtown plan. At AT&T Park, for one, the words “hit” and “splash hit” will be interchangeable.

And if your first reaction is to think, “Big deal, so I’ll wear a pair of rain boots around town,” then Melissa Capria will be the first to tell you that you’re missing the point. The fact that a single extra meter of ocean and Bay water will inundate San Francisco International Airport, Oakland International Airport and large swaths of SoMa is just the tip of the iceberg – not that there’ll be many of those left.

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