It’s Going to Rain Forever, Basically

Well, until Thursday.

If you’ve managed to skate by this winter season without a proper raincoat, this week may test your luck.

Rain will fall across the Bay Area starting on Saturday and is expected until at least Thursday, according to the National Weather Service. Between Saturday morning and Sunday, San Francisco will collect one half to one full inch of rain, the North Bay will see one to three inches, and San Jose will have a quarter to one-half inch of rain.

Monday and Tuesday will see residual showers but more sun than rain, says NWS meteorologist Steve Anderson. Another storm is expected on Wednesday and Thursday but it’s not yet clear how much rainfall the Bay Area will experience.

Since October 1, San Francisco has seen 5.95 inches of rain, which is 60 percent of normal. Averages from the past 30 years show that same time period bringing in 9.28 inches of rain but Anderson says this winter is on track for near-normal rainfall. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District observed 20.08 inches of rain, about 85 percent of normal, in San Francisco through all of 2018. 

Because the last rain came on Christmas Day, some dirt and oil have built up again. Slick roads are expected on Saturday. 

“The good thing is it’s a weekend so people aren’t going to work,” Anderson says before a long pause, pondering the federal government shutdown. “Unless it’s me and you’re not getting paid.”


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