It's Hemp Week! And San Francisco Says 'Meh.'

Cannabis users stole hemp farmers' fire

It's easy to be overburdened with activism in San Francisco — there's only so many Meatless Mondays one can squeeze in between bans on Arizona, hepatitis awareness days, resolutions in opposition to whale-hunting, declawing cats and other causes key to the national character's health.

But this week isn't any ordinary week: It's the inaugural Hemp History Week. And this isn't any ordinary town: This is medical marijuana mecca San Francisco. But while activism is flowering across the state for all things hemp — with fashion shows in Santa Cruz, Grange Hall exhibits in Sacramento, and music at Joshua Tree to mark the occasion — here in San Francisco, we have… a sale on hemp products at Rainbow Grocery.

That's it. Just cheaper- than-usual Dr. Bronner's soap.

One would think that a land of hemp-wearing pot smokers would be more than friendly to a week dedicated to Jack Herer's miracle fiber, on which the U.S. Constitution is written, out of which fuel oil can be procured, rope spun, clothes made and, shit, just about anything done, according to some people.

Has medical cannabis stolen industrial hemp's fire completely?

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