It’s Not Just You: Bay Area Receives Freeze Warnings

The warning doesn't apply to San Francisco, though it will also be considerably colder.

Gloves, blankets, and scarves are sure to increasingly appear in the next few days as the Bay Area braces for a winter experience of sorts — just in time for Christmas.

The National Weather Service issued freeze warnings for most of the region Thursday, save for coastal areas like San Francisco. Still, downtown will weather temperatures reaching the lower 40s, Oakland will feel 36-degree weather, and San Jose can expect 31 degrees into Friday morning, says spokesperson Brian Mejia.

Crops and plants aren’t likely to fare well, so it’s advised to bring those inside (as well as pets). For those fearful of a burst pipe, letting the faucet drip can help.

Friday night in San Francisco will be 43 degrees, but Saturday and Sunday will gradually warm back up to the mid-to-upper 50s in San Francisco and the lower 60s for the South Bay, Mejia says. Downtown San Francisco will reach a high of 60 degrees on Monday, also known as Christmas.

“It’s not every day we get near or below freezing temperatures,” Mejia says. “Do everything possible to keep warm.”

Get hygge, folks.


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