James Damore Sues Google on Behalf of White Men

Google fired the employee over his memo that used biological differences to explain gender disparities in tech.

It’s an unjust world for conservative white males, say two who filed a lawsuit against Google Monday. 

James Damore — known for a memo saying biological differences may explain unequal representation of women in tech — filed a suit in Santa Clara Superior Court seeking remedies for his firing by Google in August.

Damore and another former Google engineer, David Gudeman, claim that their “perceived conservative political views,” male gender, and Caucasian race were the basis of discrimination they faced at the company. 

“Damore, Gudeman, and other class members were ostracized, belittled, and punished for their heterodox political views, and for the added sin of their birth circumstances of being Caucasians and/or males,” the 161-page suit says. “This is the essence of discrimination.”

A San Francisco-based lawyer and California representative for the Republican National Committee, Harmeet Dhillon, represents the two men who pushed back on Google’s diversity initiatives. Dhillon says employees circulating memes about punching Nazis contributed to the discrimination against Damore, Gizmodo reports.

“Don’t be evil, that’s Google’s motto. And yet there is nothing more evil than telling people like James you want to punch them,” Dhillon said at a press conference.

In its firing of Damore, Google became a hero to neither those who thought the tech company didn’t act quickly enough and those who thought it an affront to free speech. 

While he was no longer able to spread those ideas at the company, he was now free to spread those ideas on national news outlets as a sort of fresh spokesperson for the anti-Social Justice Warriors. He also gained some fans on the alt-right.

Milo Yiannapolous even listed Damore as a guest of his failed Berkeley Free Speech Week, only for Damore to announce on Twitter that it was done without his knowledge.

“I value free speech and look forward to a day when the open exchange of different ideas is a commonplace and uncontroversial event,” Damore added.

While the lawsuit argues that their right to speech has been violated, there is a growing anger against Twitter for its inconsistent enforcement of its terms of use that lets abuse like rape threats run rampant. Two women suing Google and Uber for gender discrimination — engineers Kelly Ellis and Ingrid Avendaño, respectively — believe another man in tech is violently threatening her online as a consequence of speaking out. 

The publicity of both cases doesn’t cast a favorable light on Google, but how successful each case becomes may show that they’ll have to come up with more than diversity training sessions.

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