Janet Reilly Is No Chris Daly. (In Case You Were Wondering)

Is there a more toxic name in local politics than that of District 6 Supervisor Chris Daly? In 2008 we saw efforts to attack progressive candidates for the Board of Supervisors by tagging them as Daly's “puppets.” Now a website run by a group calling itself “Common Sense Voters” is attacking District 2 supervisorial hopeful Janet Reilly by claiming that Daly is “behind Janet Reilly's agenda for San Francisco.”

The idea of any strong affinity between Reilly, a Seacliff resident and former television news reporter, and Daly, the profanity-spewing, self-appointed gladiator for the city's underclass, is about as laughable as the image of the latter politician playing with puppets. (“F*ck you, King Friday!”). But in the final weeks of a campaign, baseless accusations have a way of sticking. So it is that no less a political figure than Mayor Gavin Newsom has issued a formal statement to the effect that Reilly is no Daly.

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