Jay-Z Inspires San Francisco Tourists

San Francisco has way more than 99 problems: Ross Mirkarimi, rogue Muni buses, and Ross Mirkarimi driving rogue Muni buses, for starters.

But for all our problems, tourists aren't one of them. Try as we might, we just can't keep them away. Canned soup served in our bread bowls is superior to the sort you get at home, it would seem. 

SF Weekly's Joe Eskenazi snapped this photo of these lovely San Francisco tourists who told him they were on their way to catch a glimpse of the America's Cup event (so they were the ones). Never mind the yachting: Jasmyne Mayo from Texas and James (“Just James”)  from New York, drew plenty of attention with their homemade matching shirts, which pay homage to America's rap magnate, Jay-Z.

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