Jean Quan Jumps into Stranger's Car During Prostitution Safety Walk

Anyone wanting to resurrect the #QuanGoneWild Twitter hashtag, here is your opportunity.

Oakland's outgoing mayor Jean Quan climbed into a stranger's car during a safety walk on International Boulevard last Friday, thinking it was her ride home.

According to witnesses, that left both the driver and the mayor's entourage befuddled, and provided material for a raft of auto-related Jean Quan jokes that have yet to be uttered.

Not to mention the walk intended to shed light on the prostitution problem in East Oakland, which means the jokes keep coming.

[jump] But at least one person who was with Quan that night tried to justify the mayor's gaffe.

“She was waiting for her ride, and it just coincided that the other vehicle stopped at a red light at that moment,” explains Clara Garzon, legislative aide for Councilmember Noel Gallo, who also attended the walk. Not to mention that International Boulevard isn't particularly well-lit, and both cars were Toyotas. Fortunately, Garzon added, Quan realized her mistake and eventually got in the right car.

Had events gone another way, the mayor might have hitched a scenic tour in a hoopty. Blogger East Bay Citizen describes the stranger's car as “a beaten down Toyota Corolla with a cracked windshield and hood badly oxidized by the weather.”  

Those of you who voted for Libby Schaaf are missing four more years of high jinks.

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