John Avalos and David Campos Withdraw Endorsements of Julian Davis

An allegation of questionable behavior with a woman didn't sour the progressive establishment on candidate Julian Davis. His legal threat to the woman might.

Earlier this month, the San Francisco Bay Guardian awarded

Julian Davis its top endorsement for District 5 supervisor. It did so despite penning this cryptic sentence: “His personal life and behavior in his 20s were not always admirable.” This is an odd thing to say about a candidate who is only 33. It's equally confusing for a journalistic entity to bring up such a point and just as quickly drop it.

Kay Vasilyeva claims, however, not to be confused. Six years ago, when she was a staffer on Supervisor Chris Daly's re-election campaign and Davis was a volunteer, Vasilyeva says that Davis grew “handsy,” and during a campaign bar-crawl, he then touched her beneath her clothing in an unwelcome physical advance. “It was such a shock to me he would do that to a colleague,” she says. “I was so appalled and really humiliated. I didn't want to tell people.”

Davis denies this type of encounter. “With some youthful indiscretion, I was too forward in a way that made two women feel uncomfortable,” he says. One of those women is Vasilyeva, and the other has declined to speak with SF Weekly. “This is something I apologized for,” he said regarding both instances. “I have matured a lot since then.” Davis claimed he did no more with Vasilyeva than flirt with her in front of a person he did not know to be her boyfriend. He characterized his past behavior as “overly flirtatious” and “overly persistent conversation,” stressing that “there was no physical advance.” He adds that “no one pressed charges. We're not talking about anything criminal here.”

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