John Avalos Has No More Fucks to Give

It should come as no surprise that blindly conservative blog Breitbart News was in San Francisco this week to cover a Board of Supervisors hearing about the city’s sanctuary policy for undocumented immigrants. What was surprising was the successful goading of Supervisor John Avalos by Breitbart shill Lee Stranahan.

The drama started Tuesday when Stranahan was asked to leave the Legislative Chamber during the meeting after he started filming a group of attendees from Causa Justa, an advocacy nonprofit for low-income SF and Oakland residents. The group reacted with applause to some of Avalos’s comments, which Breitbart accurately pointed out is against board rules for meetings (you can even hear in Stranahan’s video that the group was warned to pipe down). The Causa Justa folks naturally did not want to be filmed, and several people sat next to Stranahan seemingly in an attempt to block him from recording the group. But Stranahan continued doing so anyway — apparently oblivious to the fact that people don't like to be recorded by strangers.

Whether he provoked them or they overreacted is up for debate, but he was removed from the chamber — albeit temporarily, which is clearly stated by a sheriff’s deputy in the very video Stranahan recorded even if that fact is absent from the numerous whiny stories Breitbart has devoted to the incident since.

So what’s the big deal? As anyone who’s spent more than 2 seconds in San Francisco would know, board meeting disruptions are frequent — and disdain for conservatives is even more common. But Stranahan wouldn’t let it go, which evidently prompted Avalos to just say “fuck it.”

The supervisor took to Twitter to respond to Stranahan, and the exchanges are pretty OMFG. 

Needless to say, the conservative trolls came out in full force to defend Stranahan. But to his credit, Avalos stood by his remarks and did not remove any tweets. We’re guessing Stranahan isn’t going to let this go so easily and will be back in San Francisco for the next sanctuary policy board hearing, camera in hand. Fingers crossed.

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