Judge Temporarily Blocks Proposition 35, Sex Trafficking Law

Election Day has passed, and you know what that means: Now the lawsuits begin.

Today a judge granted a temporary stay to block part of Proposition 35, the measure passed on Tuesday that says those convicted of sex trafficking should be restricted on the Internet. The measure also increases prison sentences and fines for people convicted of sex trafficking. The judge is allowing the stay while the ACLU and the San Francisco-based Electronic Frontier Foundation challenge the proposition, which passed with 81 percent of the vote.

Read the complaint here.

Prop. 35, says sex offenders must register their online screen names, e-mail addresses, and Internet service providers with law enforcement. It also would require them to let police know anytime they leave a comment online, whether it be a restaurant review or an opinion on a blog — and that's just not right, the groups claim.

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