Julian Davis' Attack on SF Weekly Gets It Wrong

When confronted with allegations from Kay Vasilyeva that he inappropriately touched her beneath her clothing, Julian Davis attacked. He had his attorney send a cease-and-desist letter threatening her with “significant legal liability.” It was this action, according to Supervisors John Avalos and David Campos, that led them to strip their endorsements from Davis. 
In a press release put out today, Davis denies the allegation, as he did, strenuously and repeatedly, in SF Weekly's article. He then goes on, however, to attack me: 
Davis also said that reliable sources informed him that SF Weekly reporter Joe Eskanazi (sic) expressed to them “serious doubts” about the veracity of the accusations, the timing and credibility of the story, and was on assignment from his editors and “seriously conflicted” about going to press.
I did not say these things, because I do not believe these things. 

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