Jury Convicts Homeless Woman For Fatal Stabbing

The 25-year-old woman and her boyfriend were charged for two attacks that began after they were not allowed to use portable toilets.

A jury convicted a 25-year-old homeless woman on Wednesday of second-degree murder for stabbing a construction worker over portable toilets.

The jury found Lizette Cauich guilty of second-degree murder and other felony charges in the for stabbing 58-year-old Mitzi Campbell on June 10, 2016, District Attorney George Gascón announced Wednesday.  Campbell was a San Francisco resident working to control traffic a SoMa construction site when Cauich stabbed her after a dispute over portable toilets.

Cauich and her boyfriend, 44-year-old Oscar Mendez, were also found guilty of assault for the attack of Amar Dahmi on May 29, 2016. Mendez was found guilty of being an accessory to the murder of Campbell.

The first incident also arose over the use of portable toilets, according to court records. Cauich stabbed Dahmi when he declined to let her use the facility at a parking lot on Taylor and Eddy streets before he fought off the two attackers — both from Los Angeles — and survived after five days in the hospital.

About one week later, Campbell tried to escort Cauich from the construction site on Fifth and Shipley streets before Cauich repeatedly stabbed her. Campbell was rushed to San Francisco General Hospital but did not survive the injuries.

“These crimes are the definition of senseless,” Gascón says in a statement. “The victims were simply doing their jobs when they were ruthlessly attacked.”

Police found five knives after arresting them at Fourth and Folsom streets, so it’s hard to blame it solely on the lack of public toilets. (The city has 25 public toilets.) But with the ability to fulfill a basic need, there would have been one less trigger for these violent attacks.

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