Just About Everybody in S.F. Loses With State's Budget Cuts — But Losing Less Is the New Winning

When the city controller yesterday announced state budget cuts will deal San Francisco a $26.5 million punch in the gut, your humble narrator immediately thought of Jon Lovitz. Just as the Saturday Night Live nebbish once pitched himself to single women with the battle cry “Lower your standards!” so the controller's report was a classic example of bad news being a welcome respite from horrific news.

Sure, a $26.5 rug being pulled out from beneath the city is bad — but it's not nearly as bad as the $36.7 million the controller predicted we could be out back on Aug. 4. (The $18 million the city budgeted in reserve, which looked ridiculously inadequate for a while, is now merely inadequate). 

The report — which you can see here — is concise, detailed, and rather readable. Here's the breakdown on who “won” by losing the least:

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