Kamala Harris Dishes on 'Big-Girl Panties' with Bush White House Flack Dana Perino

California Attorney General Kamala Harris didn't enjoy the coziest relationship with local press outlets during her final days as San Francisco's District Attorney. Through various scandals stemming from her handling of problems at the San Francisco Police Department crime lab, Harris ran a less-than-transparent office, and refrained from speaking to reporters outside of press conferences.

But there's another side to Harris: open, welcoming, and willing to discuss fashion. This we learned from an interview published in Harper's Bazaar, in which Harris, a Democrat who was among President Barack Obama's early supporters, sits down to chat with former Bush White House Press Secretary Dana Perino. Perhaps it's easier to feel at ease when discussing tailors, shoes, food

— and, of course, “big-girl panties.”

Here are a few highlights from

the interview:

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