Kamala Harris' Failure to Report Cops' Criminal Backgrounds Now Fodder in AG Race

San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris' failure to disclose the criminal backgrounds of cops testifying in cases her office prosecuted “calls into question … whether she has the judgment necessary to be California's next attorney general,” said former Los Angeles District Attorney Rocky Delgadillo, in a statement Wednesday.

Delgadillo, who is challenging Harris to be the Democratic Party's candidate for California Attorney General, slammed Harris in a debate Tuesday night held at Sony Picture Studios Lot.  Among other points, he attacked the San Francisco District Attorney's failure to release officers' arrest records, and her handling of the SFPD's crime lab scandal. Harris, for her part, told an AP reporter after the

debate that she was “here to attack the issues, not another candidate.

Delgadillo, meanwhile, is just fine with attacking another candidate. Earlier today he sent to reporters a copy of a June, 2004 L.A. District Attorney memo detailing that office's explicit policy advising prosecutors that information regarding testifying officers' criminal history “must be communicated to defense counsel as quickly as possible.”

Read it here: Brady Memo.pdf

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