Kamala Harris: Is She Really the Nation's Foxiest AG?

President Obama yesterday calling out Kamala Harris as, “by far, the best-looking Attorney General,” was, unquestionably, an odd moment. It was a clunky thing to do for a man with strong reputations as both an egalitarian and a glib orator; it'd be akin to watching Richard Petty driving slowly in the left lane with his blinker signal on.

Obama's Construction Worker-in-Chief turn certainly provided much fodder to various denizens of the Internet. But, lost in the back-and-forth was a perplexing question — is Harris the best-looking AG in the realm, let alone “by far”?

Well, to borrow a phrase from another president, that all depends on what the meaning of is is.

In order to settle this matter, we gazed upon the countenances of every last AG in the nation.

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