Kim’s Campaign Releases Anti-Conway Ad Featuring Eliana Lopez

The wife of Ross Mirkarimi, whose story was used by the Conways in anti-Kim attack ads, speaks out.

Gayle Conway’s infamous attack ad on mayoral candidate Jane Kim only lasted a few hours on YouTube before it was taken down, but it still made an impression.

It also marked the fourth video ad the Conways funded that used a years-old vote to imply that certain left-leaning political candidates of color support domestic violence abusers. In each piece, the case discussed was that of former-Supervisor and former-Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi and his wife Eliana Lopez, and a case of domestic violence that dominated headlines. A refresher: The story broke just as Mirkarimi was elected into office and only got more insane as time went on, starting with a neighbor videotaping Lopez’s bruised arm, developing into a court order that prevented the couple from having any contact, and ending with Lopez fleeing to Venezuela, before returning and producing a play about the entire affair. 

As entertaining as it was for media to cover, it was, as Lopez points out in a new ad campaign supporting Jane Kim, her family’s story – and she’s not happy to see it being used by Conway. 

“My family went through a difficult time,” Lopez says in the ad. “Without ever talking to me, people with self-serving political agendas I never met rushed to defend me. But they were simply using my story to attack their political opponents without my consent. Chief among them is billionaire Ron Conway, who is doing it again to support another politician.” 

According to Lopez, she’s asked Conway to stop using her story, but he’s refused to talk to her. 

“Mr. Conway when you exploit me and my family without consent, and you attack Jane Kim with political ads, you are once again using your wealth to hurt us for political gain,” Lopez says. “That style is not different from another billionaire in politics: Donald Trump. Stand up to the bullies. Stand up for women. Stand up with Jane Kim.” 

After last week’s fiasco with the Chronicle and this response to the Conways, it seems fair to say that with just a few weeks to go until June 5, Kim and her campaign are making it clear they don’t take any bullshit. 

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