KUSF Sale Approved to SoCal Network

Much to the dismay of locals, the Federal Communications Commission today approved the sale of the radio station KUSF to the Classical Public Radio Network. The sale will be finalized immediately, and the FCC will allow CPRN to broadcast on 90.3 while the sale is pending.

The FCC also concluded that the CPRN's payments to USF under the Public Service Operating Agreement thus far violated a Commission rule, and both the university and CPRN will have to pay a $50,000 fine.

“The sale provides the University of San Francisco with funds that will directly benefit our students, and support our mission of offering an outstanding education in the Jesuit Catholic tradition,” said Gary McDonald, associate vice president of communications. “We are pleased that the FCC has completed its review in a manner that allows the sale to close and for USF to focus on its core mission of education and service.”

Students and teachers have worked tirelessly to stop the sale of the indie college station, and filed a petition last year arguing that the sale is not in the public

interest and that the Classical Public Radio Network is not a qualified nonprofit that would offer noncommercial and educational programs.

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