KUSF Supporters Appeal FCC Decision to Sell College Radio Station

Last month the Federal Communications Commission approved the unpopular sale of KUSF to the Classical Public Radio Network in SoCal, making it official — University of San Francisco would lose its indie radio station for good.

But KUSF supporters aren't yet giving up. Proponents filed the paperwork this week, officially appealing the FCC's decision to sell 90.3 FM, saying that the sale happened behind closed doors and in violation of its own procedures. The petitioners claims that USF, the FCC, and CPRN did not allow the Friends of KUSF to be privy to those negotiations.

Peter Franck, an attorney representing the Friends of KUSF, called the FCC's decision “a travesty of justice, one that denies petitioner its statutory rights to have its petition considered honestly, fairly, and within the standards prescribed by law.”

Franck argued the issue should have been considered at a hearing.

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