Labor Joins Protest Against 16th and Mission Developer

The labor union that represents janitors, SEIU United Service Workers-West, joined forces with the Plaza 16 Coalition and Causa Justa Just Cause to storm the offices of Robert Rosania today. Rosania is the real estate investor behind the so-called “Monster in the Mission” development planned for 16th and Mission Streets. He is also one of the owners of Park Merced, the apartment complex, which replaced a union janitorial contractor with a non-union contractor a few months ago, causing dozens of SEIU USWW members to lose their jobs

After rallying at the plaza at 16th and Mission Streets, the group of about seventy protesters—including fired Park Merced janitors, Mission community activists, and Supervisor John Avalos—marched to an office building at 575 Florida Street, where the union says Rosania is operating. The occupants of the office closed their door to the protesters, who delivered petitions and read their demands aloud through a bullhorn.

The Plaza 16 Coalition wants Rosania's development company to sell the property at 1979 Mission Street to the community so it can be developed into affordable housing. The Park Merced janitorial and maintenance staff want their jobs back. 

In addition to his work in real estate, Rosania is a connoisseur of champagne known in wine-collecting circles as “Big Boy.” According to SEIU-USWW, he has donated money to right wing politicians. In a statement, SEIU USWW Vice President Denise Solis said, “San Francisco can not allow someone like Rosania who stands against everything our city believes to dictate where or how hard working families should live.”

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