Labor Unions Protest City Fat Cats' Raises, Democracy

At a time when thieves are tearing apart the infrastructure of our city for a few dollars worth of copper, it warrants mentioning that the glistening dome of San Francisco's City Hall is, literally, slathered in gold.

Perhaps those who'd like to even the score should aim a little higher. That's the tack the SEIU is taking. The city's largest union is announcing a rally in the shadow of that golden dome to be held at 4 p.m. today and is predicting an attendance of “thousands.”

“Thousands” is the subject du jour, as in the thousands of extra dollars coming toward the city's highest-paid officials in forthcoming raises. While the city faces a hefty deficit and SEIU workers are being ushered into lucrative second careers in unemployment, the city's $200,000-a-year pencil-pushers are getting even more gruel.

Well, that's an outrage! Gimme a bullhorn! Who's to blame for this? Oh, right. I am. You are, too. 

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