Large Trump Chicken Unveiled in Bayview

The chicken is one of 10 that will be making its debut at Tax Marches around the country.

Thousands across the country are expected to take to the streets April 15, in a mass movement to demand President Donald Trump release his tax returns. The Tax March is taking place in more than fifty cities in the U.S.A, with events also planned in the U.K., Germany, Japan and New Zealand.

Now, a special guest for a few of these protests has been announced: a 10-foot-tall inflatable chicken. The chicken made its debut appearance “in a quiet suburb of Bayview,” states Anne Pruett on Tax March San Francisco‘s Facebook page. “As this campaign takes flight, San Francisco is leading the charge. We have 10 other chickens going out to cities across the nation. On April 15 we’re going to give him the bird. Let’s show everyone that our president is the biggest chicken in the world for not releasing his tax returns.”

The march’s crystal clear goal to get Trump to release his much sought-after tax returns is an unprecedented move since he took office. The Women’s March, anti-Trump protests and Day Without a Woman have all drawn enormous crowds, but the asks have been more diverse in nature.  In San Francisco, 8,500 people have committed to attending, with 25,000 saying they’re “interested” in the event. 

Further details on the chicken’s role in the protests are slim, though we’ll keep you updated as we learn more about his movements. 

UPDATE, 4:10 p.m.: The chicken appears to have been paid for by a  GoFundMe campaign, which revealed more information about the project.

“The balloon was hatched in a flock in China, where Trump Roosters were big attractions in shopping malls celebrating the Chinese New Year of the Rooster,” the campaign page says. “Now they languish unloved and no longer celebrated in a warehouse in Guangdong. Money from this fundraiser will go toward the acquisition and care of the Trump Rooster for the SF Tax March.  All proceeds over the cost of the rooster will be passed over to the March.”

Tax March organizer Danelle Morton told SF Weekly that more chickens may be on their way.

UPDATE, 7:00 p.m.: Despite Rachel Maddow’s release of some of Trump’s tax information, the Tax March is still officially on. “The Rachel Maddow Show tonight reported on Donald Trump’s 1040 form from 2005 detailing his tax returns. Our response? That’s not good enough,” says organizer Delvone Michael in an official statement released by the Tax March Tuesday night. “Donald Trump still owes us his tax returns for the past 12 years, and the Tax March intends to keep pressure on Trump to release them. The White House acted awfully fast in putting out a statement slamming the press and trying to get ahead of the story, making Trump’s excuse of an “audit” even less plausible than it had been. We’ll still be there on April 15, Donald, and you still owe us your returns.”

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