Last Call at Drug-Dealing Tenderloin Market

San Franciscans know a bodega when they see one. And Razan Market and Deli, at Ellis and Jones streets in the Tenderloin, has all the telltale signs.

For starters, the store is open 24 hours a day at one of the city's least savory corners — though the doors do get closed and locked when uniformed cops show up, according to court filings — and  there's very little merchandise for sale inside.

Inside, undercover cops for almost a year sold store clerks items they said was stolen from Walgreen's, and were then offered — and accepted — crack for their trouble. (The market also passed a routine Health Department inspection during this time, but so it goes.)

It's farewell to all that, thanks to the judicial system — though not the criminal branch. The market must close by April 1, according to court ruling in a civil suit announced Monday, pay an $80,000 fine, and turn over all “contraband and paraphenalia” to the city. Party in the evidence room, everyone!

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