Laughing Squid Defeats TSA, Sort Of

Proving once again that people with a rudimentary understanding of the interwebs will soon dictate all policy change, a local blogger managed to put the kibosh on an experimental SFO airport security program. The San Francisco Examiner reports today that Scott Beale, who maintains, a compendium of eccentric SF arts and culture happenings, was perturbed when SFO security made him dump out all the electronic devices on his person for inspection. The TSA plan was put in place only at the Southwest Terminal at SFO to “help agents who have difficulty checking bags through X-ray machines.” Echoing a sentiment not uncommon among San Franciscans, Beale said, “I got to blog this.” Beale's blog generated a lot of interest and the TSA caught wind of it. In a fit of reasonableness, the TSA researched complaints generated by the program and shut it down after only one week. Kudos to Beale. Here's hoping your name hasn't been mysteriously added to a mandatory body cavity search list. –Andy Wright

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