Legalization Measure 'Bad for Patients,' S.F. Cannabis Dealer Says

Legalization threat “putting us in the shadows … making us dirty again,” says head of Green Cross Cannabis Delivery

A couple of years ago Kevin Reed, 36, president of Bay Area Green Cross medical Marijuana delivery service, had his mother over. She tried a cookie. This was no ordinary cookie.

“There are side effects,” Reed recalled. “One is increased blood flow. My mom got scared. It made her feel like she was having heart problems.”

She begged Reed to take her to a hospital emergency room. Reed refused, reasoning he might get in trouble.

“I told her she shouldn't have eaten the cookie to begin with. It was illegal to do that, for me to let her her have the cookie. It was too much of a risk for everybody,” said Reed. “She was saying, 'If I die, you just want my insurance money,' and all these crazy things. I was accused of being a really bad boy. But she was fine in about two hours.”

Of the many lessons that might be drawn from such a scene, Reed became convinced it's inappropriate to ingest Marijuana without a doctor's say-so. This conviction is behind his campaign to oppose a pot-legalization measure scheduled for this fall's ballot.

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