Lennar Corp., Affordable Housing Advocates Square Off On June Ballot

An article in today's Chronicle confirms that the Bayview Affordable Housing Initiative has made it onto the June ballot. If passed, it would require 50 percent of homes built in the new Bayview-Hunters Point development to sell at below market value. The initiative is in direct opposition to one supported by the developers, Lenner Corp., which would designate only 25 percent of the homes to be sold below market value, claiming that any higher number would kill their plans to makeover the area. Supervisor Chris Daly, who supports the Affordable Housing Initiative, says he has “a very good feeling about June based on two campaigns – one being a very corporate, monied campaign and the other a very grassroots and people-powered campaign that's about a very real important issue in the neighborhood.” Johnnie Carter, spokesperson for Lenner Corp., returned, ” The measure is a poison pill. It's designed to block progress to the Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood.” Let the bloodletting begin! –Andy Wright

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