Leno Revokes Alioto Endorsement After Anti-Immigration Comments

The former senator announced his decision one day after publicly endorsing Jane Kim as his #2 choice for mayor.

Mayoral candidate Mark Leno has withdrawn his #3 endorsement of Angela Alioto. The latest drama to hit the race comes in the wake of Alioto’s rather unpopular announcement that she plans to put a measure on the ballot that would put an end San Francisco’s status as a sanctuary city. 

“The existing Sanctuary City Ordinance is a magnet for felons across America to come to the safe shores of our city,” Alioto said in a statement. “It makes San Francisco a more violent and unsafe city.”

Leno slammed this “Trumpian vitriol” in a press conference on the steps of City Hall Friday afternoon. 

“I am very concerned that there are democratic candidates for mayor that are courting votes from right-wing Trump supporters,” he said. “It is time we stand up to the so-called president, and to resist his vitriol, his divisive policies, and his failed leadership.

“We have seen families ripped apart, innocent people taken from their homes and detained in very cruel ways. To appeal to Trump’s supporters for political gain rather than standing up for San Francisco values is something I cannot accept,” he added.

Former-Supervisor David Campos joined Leno Friday to condemn the Alioto’s proposed ballot measure. “Up until this point I liked Angela, I respected Angela, and I was one of the people who pushed for Angela Alioto getting the #3 endorsement from the San Francisco Democratic Party. But it is very disturbing to me that someone would — in the most Trumpian fashion — try to score political points by demonizing immigrants. Let’s be very clear: that’s precisely what this ballot measure does.”

Leno’s announcement comes one day after he and candidate Jane Kim publicly endorsed one another as second choices. As of Friday afternoon, he was undecided on whether or not he would endorse another candidate for the #3 spot on the ballot. 

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