Tall Order
Thank you for mentioning our store in the best off-season big and tall item (“Best of San Francisco,” June 25). We must, however, take exception to some of your comments. Contrary to what was written, Rochester Big & Tall's target customer is the middle- to upper-income gentleman.

The chamois windbreaker that was mentioned is engineered in Germany of the most modern textile product available. It can be included among the finest outerwear available anywhere, in any size. Would you make the same parochial remarks about a Ferrari or chastise someone who chooses to dine at Masa's rather than eat at McDonald's?

Joe Macie
Rochester Big & Tall
San Francisco

Oh So Crabby
How sad that in the “Best of San Francisco” best raw bar item, the editor/writer does not know that clams and oysters are mollusks, not crustaceans. I'd love to see the editor/writer slurp a live crawfish or better yet a 1-1/2-pound lobster. I'd say a good deal of credibility flew out the window for me about the rest of the “Best of San Francisco.”

Dennis Colella

Hard Copy Has Nudity?
In response to your “Best of San Francisco,” I must express my displeasure at your award for best onstage nudity so far this season.

When 20/20 Blake was reviewed in your paper last February, there was a gracious mention of my singing. However, last week's cheap, Hard Copy-style reference to the 1.5 seconds during the production when I disrobed only served to negate the previous review. I am surprised that in a supposedly progressive paper, a woman's talent, work, and value are ignored, but hey, folks, she's got a great ass.

Katy Stephan
Hayes Valley

Emergency Call
After reading “Money for Nothing” (The Grid, June 18), I was disappointed that Chuck Finnie completely missed the point of our discussions and quoted me out of context.

Finnie implies that mobile communications equipment would be an alternative to using the CMED building at 25th Street and Potrero as a backup for the 911 system. The use of mobile communications equipment to back up the 911 system would be completely inappropriate and has never been part of the city's plans. Finnie failed to understand the difference between backup to the 911 system and backup disaster communications. On a day-to-day basis, a “hot” or staffed backup to the 911 system is crucial should the main facility become inoperative. In a major earthquake, however, 911 operations will be disrupted. Consequently, the survivability of the CMED building is not critical.

The new center under construction will also house the city's Emergency Command Center. The CMED building was never intended as a backup to the ECC. Rather, it was selected as the backup to day-to-day 911 operations.

On another issue, I must take exception to Finnie's implication that no one has asked my opinion on emergency communications. I serve on the 911 Policy Advisory Committee, and my staff has been fully involved in the 911 project. It is completely inaccurate to state that no one has asked for our input.

Lucien G. Canton, Director
Mayor's Office of Emergency Services
San Francisco

Drowning by Wave Machine
Thanks for your insightful article on the fiasco that is known as the Making Waves festival (“Barely a Ripple,” Music, July 2). I'd like to bring up another point.

This is supposed to be a music festival showcasing all forms of music. Well, unless you're an African-type drum group, or a Latin American folk band, you don't get a stage.

If, heaven forbid, you're a rock, metal, or hardcore band, don't bother signing up, because someone at Making Waves doesn't like you, and won't give you a chance. This stinks.

Martha Hughes

Love by the Graham
Lest you fear your readers aren't paying attention to the fine print, I am responding to “Love for Sale, the Remake” (Riff Raff, June 18). While Bill Graham Presents Vice President Steve Welkom is busily asserting that “[Miller Genuine Draft is a] sponsor, but it's more of a marketing and promotions relationship,” I feel compelled to ask: Is Welkom truly a troglodyte, or does he just think the rest of us are? His obfuscating gibberish is typical of the vague, nonsensical comments BGP is famous for, usually babbled immediately prior to some new get-rich(er)-quick endeavor.

For all the purported BGP Love 'n' Haight, the image I am left with is best described by Jeff Stark's vivid allegory of all of the blissed-out hippies turning on at a Love-In, meanwhile being ripped off by Graham himself on cheap fizzy water and carefully measured pennies' worth of ice.

Mimi Schwartz

Eggers'ed On
In regard to Dave Eggers' diatribe about me in Smarter Feller! (June 11), I rest my case with reference to his smug humorlessness.

I cited my socialist gay activism in an earlier letter to SF Weekly (“Eggers a Bad Egg,” Letters, May 28) merely to establish that there are quite a few progressive values I hold in common with those that have at times been proffered in Smarter Feller! I do not share Eggers' apparent hostility and drollness, and I'm surprised that SF Weekly indulges his tantrums.

Since Eggers is throwing around examples about S.F. Muni drivers, let me relate one:

I was on a bus headed up Castro Street one afternoon when the driver abruptly stopped the bus in the middle of the street. He then announced to the passengers that it was time for him to get lunch. He stepped off the bus and went into a Chinese restaurant. He returned nearly 10 minutes later, laid out his lunch like a picnic for him to eat while driving, and proceeded to drive the shocked and appalled passengers up Castro Street.

Despite that, I've kept my sense of humor. It's too bad Eggers has not.
Luke Adams
El Cerrito

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