Splendid Work
Just a few words to praise staff writer Tara Shioya for her instructive and informative article dealing with the opulence in the courthouse (“Splendor in the Court,” Dec. 10).

Paul Vander Heiden

Based on Actual Events
Re: George Cothran's “Poisoned Probe” (Dec. 3): As a made-for-television movie and miniseries producer who has been following this story since it first appeared on 20/20, I feel compelled to write.

I contacted Fay Faron after viewing the ABC piece and worked very aggressively toward obtaining the movie rights from Fay for her involvement in the case.

Fay could not have been more clear in her communication that under no circumstances would she sell her rights, or in any way place herself in the position of benefiting monetarily or otherwise from an exploitation of her involvement in this particular case. Her concern that any such action could potentially disrupt the process which would bring the Gypsies to justice was paramount.

Fay and I have remained in contact with regard to other cases about which she felt she could responsibly be more receptive, but she has never wavered with regard to the firmly consistent position she has maintained from the beginning with regard to the Foxglove investigation.

I did find Mr. Cothran's article to be very interesting, but feel it would have been remiss of me not to share with you the real story pertaining to Fay Faron's lack of interest in “going Hollywood.”

Jinny Schreckinger, President
Schreckinger Communications
New York, N.Y.

Just the Facts, Ma'am
Your article on the Foxglove case (“Poisoned Probe”) contains errors of fact. The article mentioned my name and rank and said, “[I]t would take another two years for the police to launch an investigation.” My name was misspelled, my rank was incorrect, and I did an immediate investigation.

I was working as an assistant inspector in the Fraud Detail when I was assigned to follow up on Officer Gallegos' report on March 27, 1991. I interviewed Mr. Storvik [sic] on April 11, 1991. His apartment was very clean and tidy. Mr. Storvik [sic] was healthy and intelligent. I advised him about the various legal, financial, and social government resources available to help him. I followed up this interview with a phone call a few days later on April 15, 1991. He was aware of his options and did not feel intimidated or in danger. He said he would seek help if he felt the need. As there were no criminal charges to investigate, the case was closed.

John Ehrlich

George Cothran responds: I called Inspector Ehrlich several times attempting to discover his role in the Storvick investigation. When he finally returned my calls he told me he could not comment on the case. It is a well-established fact that the investigation into the Tene-Bimbo family's alleged murder-for-profit scheme did not begin until March 1993, two years after the Storvick matter was resolved to Ehrlich's satisfaction. I apologize for the error in Ehrlich's rank and the spelling of his name. That information was provided to me by the SFPD's Personnel Division, where I always call for basic information about officers.

Everyone's a Critic
I was very disappointed with Jeff Stark's negative coverage of the Live 105 Christmas show (Reviews, Dec. 10). In fact, I will go so far as to say he is a freaking moron. I'm not the most objective person here, since I traveled for about 14 hours (each way) to see Bowie play for 40 minutes, but Stark's review is mean-spirited and factually wrong.

First of all, the Specials are a vastly influential band who have been around forever and deserve more respect than Stark's casual condemnation for “commercialism.” Of course they're plugging their new album — they want people to know they have new songs out!

Then there's Stark's ludicrous state-ment that “David Bowie's set used his screwed-up idea of what modern music is in an attempt to convince someone that he has a clue about contemporary sounds.” David Bowie has more knowledge of modern music in his little finger than Stark will ever have in this or any other universe.

On a final note: I suppose with all your oh-so-cynical comments about crass commercialism we are supposed to see you as a journalist of the greatest integrity. Well you're in the wrong field for that, and you sure as hell aren't Lester Bangs (in fact, you're more of a Kurt Loder sans any writing ability), so get off it!

Hannah Hawkins
Via Internet

Ass This, Ass That … You Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth?
Why do you guys put up with such a fool as Jeff Stark? I was at the concert this smacked-ass reviewed (“Green Christmas,” Reviews), and he doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. David Bowie is one of the best performers around, and if Stark can't see that maybe you need to hire someone who understands music!

Fire this clown Jeff Stark!
Jim Shannon
Via Internet

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