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Week of Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Spot On

And then I asked him with my eyes to ask again Yes and then he asked me would I Yes and his heart was going like mad and Yes I said Yes I will … Not: This week's Infiltrator, “Nudespotting” [April 13], was one of the best yet. In my opinion, the most disturbing part was that the Power Exchange was playing the music of Yes.

John Poultney
San Mateo

We see an ad campaign here: Now less thick and creepy!: I very much enjoyed Mr. Leon's piece called “Nudespotting.” Being a bit of a voyeur, I think about nudespotting daily. I have also had similar frustrations when going to the Power Exchange sex club. In their defense, they recently changed their Friday and Saturday night offerings. Couples are far more comfortable with the new “Level 3.” There are still thick women and sort of creepy couples, but they are outnumbered by sexy and exhibitionistic couples!

Name withheld
Via Internet

Body Mind Soul Games

OK, you're the Debbie/Deborah Gibson trivia champion of the world. Feel good?: I read your latest column [OK Then, April 13], as usual. I wondered why you left her 1992 album, Body Mind Soul, off your list. I also wondered where you heard of an album of hers from 1993 called Mind Body Soul. I have 10 Debbie or Deborah Gibson CDs, but I have never seen that one. I wonder how similar it is to Body Mind Soul. For example, does it include the song “Losin' Myself,” with the lyric, “Turned myself over to you body, mind, and soul”?

I also don't know who the Diane Sawyer quote refers to. Can you enlighten me?

Bob Davis
Los Altos

Garrett Kamps responds: Hey Bob, thanks for reading. As for the quote, it refers to John Paul II, a true rock star among popes.

The Great Hemp Debate, Cont'd

In support of more hemp homework: In asking the question “Why is someone as smart as Mark Leno sponsoring genuinely stupid legislation to legalize hemp cultivation?” you are demonstrating how to intellectually walk backward toward a cliff [“Dumb as a Potted Plant,” Matt Smith, April 6]. You might want to stop and ask the better question: “What can be done to promote industrial hemp, which any informed individual understands is potentially the single most useful plant on Earth?”

I must assume you have done next to no homework on the use of hemp as fuel, food, and fiber. I could provide you with the raw data which explains the quality of hemp seed products for food, the quality of hemp fiber as a substitute for wood fiber and synthetic polymers, and the quality of ethanol from hemp. I will not. The information is readily available, which suggests you have some aversion to fact and truth and the typical hang-ups of conservative ideologues. How did you become a reporter anyway? And how did you become so closed-minded?

Activists in the pot and hemp community have no end of work with the likes of you spewing lies and disinformation. The rest of the pot crowd just goes on doing what they do, knowing cannabis is a healing herb whose benefit-to-risk ratio is exceptionally high. There are too many legitimate studies amply demonstrating this to list here. Start looking them up if you want to get useful. You won't like what you find, but then, you only see what you want to see. Don't you?

Bruce Codere
Fox Creek, Alberta, Canada

We didn't know hippies ever kicked ass: It was interesting to read your article about Mark Leno and the pro-hemp legislation he's sponsoring. As someone who was a college student in the early to mid-'90s I clearly remember all the hype about the alleged benefits of hemp. I wasn't aware however of the resulting fiasco involving CGP and the Canadian farmers. It seems sad and irresponsible that the farmers were misled in that way.

What struck me the most about your article, though, was actually not the overexcited exaggerations of the pro-hemp movement, but what an angry little prick you seem to be. What happened, did you get your ass kicked by hippies during high school or what?

Mark (last name withheld)
Telegraph Hill

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