Letters to the Editor

Week of November 27, 2002

Ire From Eire

What next, you'll be sayin' the Irish drink too much, you will?: As an Irish citizen living in San Francisco, I cannot allow the shamrockery and negative stereotyping perpetrated in your article on boxing at the United Irish Cultural Center to go unpassed [“The Great Irish Hope?,” Nov. 13].

Shame on those people involved in this activity! They are a disgrace to Ireland. They have no idea of what it means to be Irish in a modern society. Wouldn't they be better off educating kids to use computers or speak another language than to beat the lard out of each other? Hello, haven't they heard of something called the “peace process” in Ireland?

The people behind Punch (a 19th-century English political magazine which portrayed the Irish as uneducated, drunken, fighting apes) must be wearing themselves out with friction revolving in their graves with laughter.

Thank you, SF Weekly, for exposing this.

Eoin O'Duffy

Doing the Chinatown Rumba

You captured its glorious essence: My compliments to Silke Tudor on her item on the event celebrating the Forbidden City nightclub and the performers who worked its stage from the late 1930s into the '60s [“Return to Chinatown,” Night Crawler, Nov. 13]. Nice, nice job. As the MC, I was stuck in the wings and missed out on Ivy Tam's rumba moves on Stanley Toy. But afterwards, the gorgeous Ms. Tam almost knocked me over when she told me she was 67. And, at that, “I'm the baby of the bunch,” she said. Mr. Toy looked a bit bushed after his two-dance workout with Ivy. But, hey, he's 88. Or, as he prefers to say, “almost 90!”

Ben Fong-Torres
Noe Valley

Film Fan

Reel devotion: I love Michael Fox's Reel World column; it's usually the first page I turn to each week. I was just wondering if he could do any research on the apparent tiff between the Spike & Mike's Animation Festival folks and the Castro bookers. The Spike & Mike fliers say they've been “banned” from the Castro, but surely there's more of a story behind this.

Brian Darr
Richmond District

Here, Kitty Kitty

Feline felicitations: Philip Sherburne's article on Morr Music made me purr [“Hear This,” Music, Nov. 20]. Meow.


Play Nice!

Don't hold your breath on this one, Corey: Enough already [“Municipalizing Bruce,” Postscript, Nov. 13]! The Oakland chapter of Long Eared Bunnies hereby issues a cease-and-desist order to the constant and pointless bickering between your paper and the Bay Guardian.

In this time of need for a unified voice, we are disappointed to find both papers acting human, all too human. What was Len Albin thinking? Do not make us invoke the Dark Bunny Who Must Not Be Named. Trust us, it's the last thing you want.

Corey Best

Calling a white boy a white boy: That was such a hilarious piece, almost as good as that other one where Mecklin sliced Bay Guardian Editor Tim Redmond to ribbons [“It's the Journalism, Bruce,” Mecklin, March 13]. I'm sure Bruce Brugmann deeply appreciates Len Albin's helpful suggestion for placing the BG in the hands of The People (right on!).

And, as a fightin' liberal, I'm sure Brugmann is equally outraged — outraged, I tell you! — at how the Guardian's top leadership perpetuates the White Male power structure. I'm certain that once this is called to his attention he'll want to take bold, direct action to rectify this situation immediately.

Peter Labriola

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