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Week of 7-25-2007

Robes and Riffs
Straight from the source: Wow, Angela Sawyer must have either had hippie parents from the '60s who wisely forced her to eat granola when she really wanted Fruit Loops or Lucky Charms and bacon, or they were white Republican Christian fundamentalists, because this article [“Cult Rock Rules,” Music, July 11] is way over-the-top negative and inaccurate, at least about Father Yod and the Source Family.

Hi there, I'm Djin Aquarian, guitarist from the “deeply inept”(?) Yahowha13 Source Family band. Did you actually listen to a fair amount of our music, or just read a bad review? I'll admit some of the music is a bit amateurish-sounding; however, it's all unrehearsed and improvised, with no overdubs: our preferred way to record and compose on the spot, experimentally (and far from inept). It takes quite a few minutes to tune in to each other before we get “in the groove.” You were actually kinder to Manson, who wasn't trying to be avant-garde, but commercial; a very different thing, and frankly, to use his group as a musical comparison to “the Spree” and others in this genre, is rank and weird.

We, the Source, didn't have any “group sex” (were you there? I think not), as you wrote, and no naked women and no gold Rolls-Royce. If you want the real and accurate story of our tribe, you'll probably be surprised to hear that a semi-biographical book is being released this August through Processmediainc.com.

Look, sister, you're entitled to your opinion, but in your fervor to make your articles interesting, try and do some accurate researching first, because you never know who from the not-so-dead past could be reading them … that is, if your career has a chance of enduring as long as our music has among our fans.

Flame on,
Djin Aquarian
Weed, Calif.

SF Weekly responds: Angela Sawyer did not claim that the Yahowa13 Source Family engaged in group sex; she only wrote that Father Yod was a “group-sex advocate.” For evidence of the Family's aesthetic connection with naked women and gold Rolls-Royces, please see the cover of their album Lovers and the Chariot.

Rainbow Blight
Good food, bad vibes: Rainbow Grocery is proof that the far left and the far right have a lot in common [“No Peace Prize for You,” Sucka Free City, July 18]. Besides the puerile self-righteousness and arrogance — that they each think they know what's best for you over your own wishes — they share anti-Semitism as well. And the cashier who responds with “suicide bombers should kill as many Jews as possible” is rewarded, by keeping her job, and the customer is banned. That says everything you need to know about Rainbow: Just like like Bush and Cheney, protect your own, no matter what they do wrong. And what's this about the store having a “pretty good record,” with “only” a couple of complaints in five years? It should have a perfect record of zero anti-Semitic complaints ever — or any other disparaging of any other group, ever. So much for loving everyone.

Via SFWeekly.com

French Disconnection Unsolved mystery: I cannot digest the fact that there has been so little progress in this case [“Who Killed Hugues de la Playa?” News, July 18]. Why do we not have the police manpower? We boast and brag about living in such a beautiful and safe city — I thought it was a good thing that you rarely see police on the streets. This is very disheartening.

Cristina Gutierrez
San Francisco

Last week's Bouncer column misidentified the occupation of Jonathan Floyd. He is an employee of Fat Wreck Chords. SF Weekly regrets the error.

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