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Week of 5-9-2007


Douchebags spring eternal: An interesting and funny article [“Boomtastrophe,” May 2]. I must go look in the mirror in a sec, so have to be brief as I grace you with this short Blackberry message, but my unfortunate experience is that I've found douchebags in every generation.

I coached a lot of kids' sports, to provide just one example, and it seemed to me that the current thirtysomethings are far more pushy and douchey than us Boomers … although maybe they're just learning by example from us.

Anyway, don't get too pissed. Sartre said, “Hell is other people” long before the first Boomer was conceived in the back of a '45 Chevy by a war hero and his fellow Greatest Generationalist. I think Martin Kuz's selective highlighting of the worst of my generation's ilk may obscure the fact that he's going to be disappointed with most humans, through 2046 and beyond.

Keep up the good work.

Roger Strukhoff

San Ramon

The Blank Generation: Nice drawings, bitter text.

I know your generation is sick of hearing about how cool the '60s were. It must be intimidating to live under the shadow of the Beatles. So come up with a group that good and I'll be the first Baby Boomer to get off his high horse and kiss your ass!

Yeah, yeah, yeah … your generation is trying, but there hasn't been anything really exciting (in music) since 1986 or so, and that was retro anyway — Morlocks, Chesterfield Kings, Bangles, and maybe Nirvana a few years after that.

My generation may be as stuck-up as Kuz says it is, but his is no better.

Like the S.F. punk band the Offs once sang, “Everyone's an asshole!”

Ken Kaffke

San Francisco

A nation of jerks: In his article, “Boomtastrophe,” Martin Kuz sharply points out the negative impact that the Baby Boomer generation will have on America's future. Mr. Kuz's thesis, though, is flawed. The Baby Boomer generation is not the only generation to uphold negative values such as greed, denial, and short-sightedness. Those have been American values since day one. When I look around I see just as many young people driving SUVs as I do 60-year olds. It is convenient to blame our problems today on one specific generation, but when that generation does die off, what will we do about the persistent negative values of greed, denial, and short-sightedness? Dealing with those negative values and transforming the American character into one that is concerned with community, reality, and long-term thinking is the real challenge.

Joseph Theriault

San Francisco

Get Your VBAC Back

Mmm … lactation support: Thanks are in order to the SF Weekly for your informative article regarding several hospitals in San Francisco and their policies regarding vaginal birth after Caesarean or VBAC. I am sorry that Ms. Smiley did not mention San Francisco General Hospital in her article, even though I spent a fair amount of time speaking with her. Unlike any other hospital in San Francisco, San Francisco General has a large midwifery practice accounting for more than 55 percent of our births. We are extremely supportive of VBACs, we provide one-to-one nursing care for all patients in active labor. We continue to support new mothers with couplet care after birth. We also provide extensive lactation support and services, and are the only hospital in San Francisco that has applied for the WHO's Baby Friendly status. If there are disgruntled and disappointed women wanting natural birth in S.F., take a look at “the other” hospital in the Mission, San Francisco General!

Louise DiMattio, R.N.

Nurse Manager – 6C

San Francisco General Hospital

San Francisco

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