SF Weekly Letters For August 18-24, 2016

Not As Advertised: The headline (“SF-LA Hyperloop Dreams Fading,” Max DeNike, 8/16/16) almost completely contradicts the actual content of the story. Why? The why would probably best be answered if we found out why the focus is being taken away from an LA-SF route. The story leaves that out as well. Just seems to say other projects are being prioritized higher. Jim Freeman via Facebook

Trust No Bitch: The Hyperloop is real world vaporware. It is a fantasy that will never be realized. Apply some critical thinking to the challenges and dangers of travel in a 400 mile long vacuum tube and it becomes clear. Ashley West via Facebook

Two Thumbs Down: I actually think it’s the only album (“White Lung’s New Record, Paradise, Is The Canadian Punk-Rock Band’s Most Accessible Album Yet,” Will Reisman, 8/10/16) they’ve ever made that I would be embarrassed to recommend. George Menhal via Facebook

Haters Abound: There are many more hate groups than that in the Bay Area (“Hi, Haters, We See You,” Channing Joseph, 8/10/16). Many on our campuses. Why didn’t you include BLM? Or how about the Jew-hating anti-israel groups that openly threaten Jewish students? And the hate has nothing to do with Trump. These people have been here for a very long time. Geoff Klein

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