SF Weekly Letters For August 25-31, 2016

A Brief History Lesson: People in this country don’t know the history of the Korean War (“Why 30 North Korean Defectors Were in San Francisco,” Kathleen Richards, 8/3/16). The north side was the side that fought with China against Japanese imperialism. The south (and U.S.) sided with the Japanese, and the descendants of the Japanese collaborators. If North Korea is paranoid about U.S. intentions, it is only because we have invaded or subverted more than 20 countries since the Korean War. Finally, many defectors to South Korea commit suicide because they can’t stand the super capitalistic society that they encounter. Michael Samberg

Excuses, Excuses: The media feeds on negative things which in turn stirs up the haters (“SFPD Mulls a Publicist For Image Control,” Jonah Owen Lamb, Sucka Free City, 8/17/16), positive action by Police is not newsworthy. Those who do not want to BBQ with the police just want an excuse to continue the hate. Convince the media to give the same effort to cover the average everyday wonderful things that our police do, as they go out of their way to feature the negative. A publicist is a waste of money and viewed by the haters as a puppet, again negative. May Wong via Facebook

A Warning: You want positivity, get rid of your shit cops before the people do it for you. Selrahc Ocnalb via Facebook

True Dat: Yes! Concerts always make me feel better and alive (“Depressed? Perhaps You Should Be Going To More Concerts,” Jessie Schiewe, All Shook Down, 8/18/16). I say, “Try it.” Sarah Frenczak via Facebook

Don’t Take Things So Literally: I don’t think a concert will solve your depression. Andrew Parker Severaid via Facebook

Get It Together, Art World: Since when is it OK to bodyshame someone simply because you don’t like them (“NSFW: Guerrilla Art Group INDECLINE Installs Naked Trump Statue in the Castro,” Peter Lawrence Kane, The Exhibitionist, 8/18/16)? This is disgusting. People are worried about their kids hearing things that Trump says during his speeches BUT they’re totally fine with kids seeing this while walking through the city. The person who created this is a bully and may have just forced me to vote for Trump. Carrie French Sarkis via Facebook

Sharing Is Caring: This is a great idea (“Sing Us A Song: SF Man Gets Drunk, Creates Piano Pound,” Max DeNike, All Shook Down, 8/17/16). There were times when I lived in different places where I couldn’t have my piano. Paul Hogarth via Facebook

Cool Beans: like this. In fact, I once played my old piano on the top of a junk pile at the Southbury town dump. People enjoyed it and so did I. Roger Davis via Facebook

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