SF Weekly Letters For September 1-7, 2016

Not part of the hive: Beyoncé as a concept is ridiculous (“What You Missed From Last Night’s MTV Video Music Awards,” All Shook Down, Jessie Schiewe, 8/29/16). Debbie Buckman via Facebook

Yawn: I feel confident I missed nothing. Timothy Charles via Facebook

Poop Patrol: Pro tip: dog shit composts just fine (“Millennial Problems: #RealFoodiesCompost,” Max DeNike, The Snitch, 8/25/16). The reason the DOE doesn’t want it in the green bins is that they’re worried idiots will not be able to understand that plastic bags don’t compost and won’t use the compostable ones. The shreds of non-compostable bags ruin the final product. Yes, there’s a small chance that the guy picking up the compost will get sick, but that’s true of the black bins as well, and that’s where you’re told to put the poop, so no. And yes, there is the possibility that the poop contains pathogens, but the hot composting and storage times used by municipal composting facilities inactivate them in the finished compost. Taurus SF

Not a Fan: Tamarind Hall is pretentious (“Tamarind Hall: North Beach Gets A Thai Restaurant With Style,” Peter Lawrence Kane, 8/26/16). The new ‘owners’ have their thumbs on literally EVERYTHING which is not a good thing at all. As King Of Thai it was a great place. The regulars made you feel welcome and the atmosphere was genuine. The new owners have pushed out the neighborhood regulars in an effort to cater to what remains of the tech crowd and self important rich who have infiltrated San Francisco these last several years. The drinks have gone up considerably in a seemingly contrived effort to get rid of the people who made King Of Thai one the last truly diverse places left in North Beach. The food is nowhere near as authentic Thai as the new owners would have you believe. I’ve talked to quite a few of the old customers and almost every one of them have told me they’ll never go back to the Tamarind Hall version at 1268 Grant. While the new owners may seem friendly, my take is that it’s all an act. My recommendation? Stay away from there. It basically sucks from top to bottom. Jane Dougherty

Out With The Old: Or maybe we’re just tired of SF Weekly’s endless coverage of pot (“As Legalization Nears, Serious Coverage of Green Rush Lacking,” Alex Halperin, 8/24/16). It’s just not that interesting. SF Weekly needs more sex and less drugs. Nagleonce

Not Entirely Correct: There are a few “little” mistakes in this article (“Earworm Weekly: “The Girl From Ipanema” By Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto,” Lori Selke, 8/23/16). First, Astrud became “involved” with Getz (a well-known womanizer) BEFORE Joao divorced her! (I have first hand knowledge of this.) And second, you are all wrong when you say some people change “The Girl from Ipanema” when they sing it to “The Boy from Ipanema”.. The “boy” is a Caetano Veloso COMPOSITION — a stand alone song of it’s own. And lastly, the awkward grammatical structure that seems to say the ASTRUD was An Artist in Residence at Stanford. Who does your fact-checking and editing? William Britton

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