SF Weekly Letters For September 8-14, 2016

Kudos: Wonderful article (“Browser Update: Kayo Books Goes Online- and Appointment-Only,” Jessica Lipsky, 8/31/16) that really illustrates all that Kayo Books is. Mr. Waters should have his own key, don’t you think? Sheryl

New Focus: Yes!!! Our decades of illegal “Critical Parking Mass” paid off (“The Right to Park and Play,” Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez, 8/31/16)! Now that abandoning your car in the middle of the street is legal, the city can focus on those detestable jaywalkers & bicyclists rolling through stop signs. Bob Gunderson

Tough On Us: I actually like that idea!! I run a nonprofit and it is really hard for our constituents/audiences to find parking places! Community events at those institutions would definitely garner that ability to park on Dolores like they do. I like your thinking! Nancy Wang

Unbothered Citizen: Wow. Someone’s having quite the hissy fit over an inconsequentially bad parking job in the big city (“Will the Diplomat Who Drove Into the Tree on Post Street Kindly Remove Their Honda Fit?” Peter Lawrence Kane, 9/4/16). As much as it upsets the author, that’s the whole point of “diplomatic immunity” — the driver is immune to most charges. Sorry you don’t like the way the world works. Perhaps you should escalate this to FBI or Homeland Security. Jeff Jarik

Old News: There’s nothing “new” about cannabis (“Chem Tales: Let’s Gamble on Legalization,” Alex Halperin, 8/31/16). What’s new is the realization that the government lies at every chance regarding cannabis. SAM doesn’t have a logical leg to stand on, either. And, they lie, almost constantly, as well. Michael


The Sept. 1 film preview listed two opening dates incorrectly. Rules Don’t Apply opens in theaters Nov. 23, not Nov. 25, and Assassins Creed opens Dec. 21, not Dec. 23.

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