LGBT Contributions Could Soon Be Read in Textbooks

Students, please open your textbooks to the chapter on Harvey Milk and cue the PowerPoint on Heklina: A bill by state Senator Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) to include gay history in mandatory education requirements passed the state Senate today.

And if the Assembly signs off on the bill, it too could eventually be found in local history books.

Leno's legislation says that schools should no longer skip over pertinent LGBT history. As it stands, California schools are not allowed to discriminate against ethnic and minority groups, but the general curriculum doesn't require gay and lesbian contributions or historical events.

Locally, the San Francisco Unified School District is predictably more inclusive, working LGBT history and antibullying exercises into its curriculum starting in elementary school. Still, as we wrote in our November cover story, “Wounded Pride,” an incredibly high percentage of public school students say they hear gay slurs in the classroom.

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