List: Fee for all

Last week, David Chiu, president of the Board of Supervisors, announced his intention to eliminate dozens of overly bureaucratic city fees. What are some of the fees targeted to be taken off San Francisco's books?

• $125 service fee for having your awareness raised

• $50 licensing fee for any medical marijuana dispensary that wants to play Bob Marley in the background

• $100 loitering fee for waiting more than a year for city government to solve a problem

• $75 educational fee for running on city streets for something other than the cure

• $60 vehicle fee for being smug about your bicycle

• $25 eWaste fee for starting a blog and not updating it

• $110 bandwagon fee for “greening” anything

• $30 convenience fee for using Muni rides as an opportunity to rant about something only you can see

• $200 ethics fee: one of many fines and punishments placed on city employees who have ethics

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