List: Gavin Newsom's next steps

Now that San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has ended his campaign for governor, what are his top priorities for his last two years in office?

• Go to Hawaii

• Stop endorsing Clintons

• Tell the homeless to go connect themselves

• Have his autobiography written by an intern

• Make his accountability matrix 30 percent more accountable

• Personally inspect every San Franciscan's compost bin

• Find his newborn daughter a lucrative spot on the Human Rights Commission

• Take credit for something funny Tom Ammiano said

• Make a list of all the people who didn't support his candidacy, check it twice

• Give his next State of the City address on Twitter

• Tap that

• Add musical guests to his radio show

• Develop the shit out of downtown

• Make the only logical choice for a politician without a future: become mayor of Oakland

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