List: S.F. local hiring policy's impact

San Francisco's Board of Supervisors just passed the nation's most ambitious local hiring law, requiring that 50 percent of the workers on most city-financed construction projects live in San Francisco. How will this affect the city?

• San Franciscans can take extra pride in the quality of our welding

• The guy peeing on your front steps now has an important qualification for earthquake-proofing your house

• Cement mixing will become the next big hipster occupation

• Fifty percent of the heavy machine operators in San Francisco will be on medicinal pot

• Fifty percent of new buildings will be oddly shaped

• At construction sites, “cigarette breaks” will be supplemented by “I need to go to my audition” breaks

• American Apparel will start selling hard hats

• Many San Franciscans will never vote down a construction project again

• Chris Daly won't be able to find a job in San Francisco after he leaves the board

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