List: Sticking Points in the Muni Driver Negotiations

The city and leaders of the union representing Muni agreed on a new contract at the last minute of negotiations. What issues had to be resolved?

• Muni drivers wanted to spit in your face, while the city's proposal only let them spit on your shoes

• Muni drivers demanded a city festival celebrating their unique culture to be scheduled for July 10, then pushed back to July 17, then pushed back to Aug. 2

• The city's negotiating team kept shouting “BACK DOOR!” for no good reason

• Muni drivers insisted that city officials must vacate their offices for an elderly man in a wheelchair

• The negotiations slowed to a crawl whenever there was a baseball game

• Muni drivers insisted that Sean Elsbernd stop tagging their buses

• The negotiations were going great until this crazy homeless guy showed up and started yelling at everyone

• The city hired another PR representative to tell the public how bad Muni drivers are; Muni drivers insisted that should be a union position

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