Local Music Blog Uncovers Thriving SF Music Scene – BetterKnowanSFBlog: The Deli SF

Every Tuesday morning we profile one of the bay's many cool blogs in a segment we callBetterKnowanSFBlog. This week: Your New Year's resolution is to quit your day job and start a band.

By Tyler Callister

Local music can be an amorphous thing. It’s not that hard to start a “band” (i.e., a kid with a guitar, a drum machine, and a MySpace account), a “record label” (i.e., a kid in his garage writing on burned CDs with a Sharpie) or a “venue” (i.e., a dive bar that keeps a hundred-dollar PA and karaoke mic in the back). But beyond the DIY stylings, there needs to be something that brings all the bands together — a sound, a fashion, a cause, or, perhaps, a kickass Web site.

Enter The Deli SF, one of …

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