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Mayor London Breed Wants Bloomberg for President, of All People


It’s no surprise that many San Franciscans are hot for democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, cheer for Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s detail social reform proposals, and proudly display their passion for universal basic income apostle Andrew Yang.

But Michael Bloomberg? The 77-year-old centrist billionaire known for his stop-and-frisk policing approach as New York mayor that all but codified racial profiling? He’s got support in the San Francisco’s top official, Mayor London Breed, the San Francisco Chronicle first reported Thursday.

The endorsement is a head-scratcher not just because Breed represents a major progressive — though often rather performatively — city but wants an elderly centrist who spent years as a Republican and independent for president. His record hardly lines up with “San Francisco values” that officials like Breed frequently invoke.

As Mother Jones compiled, the history is hard to ignore: Bloomberg doesn’t regret backing the still-devastating Iraq War, needs “an unimpeachable third-party witness” to believe a rape allegation among several sexist statements, opposed raising the minimum wage until he launched his presidential campaign, frequently defends Wall Street in the aftermath of the financial crisis, called the Green New Deal “pie in the sky,” and considered his local teacher’s union a nemesis.

But Breed accepts Bloomberg’s recent apology for stop-and-frisk and said that she’s impressed with his action on climate change and plan to increase African American home and business ownership. She’ll be advising his campaign on homelessness and housing, jobs, and climate change.

“He has the ability to beat Donald Trump this November, and that is of the most concern to me,” Breed told the Chronicle. “If there was someone else who could (beat Trump), I would be supporting them.”

National polls collected by FiveThirtyEight show most major Democratic presidenital candidates, save for Pete Buttigieg, narrowly defeating President Donald Trump in the general election. Of course, Bloomberg pouring in $200 million in advertising and utilizing the media empire in his own name sure helps.

Breed isn’t the only northern California mayor behind Bloomberg. Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo also endorsed Bloomberg and were all part of his sponsored Harvard University mayoral training program.

May the best Bay Area cheerleader stock up enough billionaire goodwill for the future.

Ida Mojadad

Ida Mojadad is a reporter at SF Weekly, often covering politics, housing and transportation. Her words can also be found in the Orange County Register, KQED (NPR), Faribault Daily News, Northfield News and SF Examiner. You can reach her at (415)-359-2728 or by email at

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