London Breed Throws Her Hat in the Ring for Mayor

Things continue to heat up with only four days left to file paperwork for June's mayoral race.

As we all expected, Board President and District 5 Supervisor London Breed has officially filed paperwork to run for Mayor of San Francisco. Breed, who became acting mayor after Ed Lee’s untimely passing, arguably holds one of the best positions to run for election in June of this year. San Francisco is known for re-electing incumbents, and although she’s only held the position for a few weeks, her name and face has for many already become synonymous with our city’s leadership. 

With Breed’s formal announcement, the complications surrounding who should lead the city as mayor until June’s election only grow. At the moment, Breed holds three positions, which opponents argue is ethically and legally unsound

The Board is currently split between progressives and moderates, potentially creating a stalemate on a successor, interim mayor, candidate. The moderates may choose to formally make the job Breed’s until the June election, in which case she would step down from her role as District 5 Supervisor and Board President, and potentially would assign someone to fill her place. 

Becoming interim mayor is still a risky move for Breed — she would not automatically get those positions back if she ran for mayor in June and lost. In other words, she could lose all positions of power in City Hall. 

As Breed leans more moderate, the progressive members of the Board may choose not to vote as interim mayor, instead voting to support a caretaker mayor to fill the role until June’s election takes place. 

The big names running for mayor now include Breed, Supervisor Jane Kim, former Senator Mark Leno, former Supervisor Angela Alioto, and maybe City Attorney Dennis Herrera, who filed an intent to run but has not finalized the action.

And more may join in: Assemblyman David Chiu and City Assessor Carmen Chu have also been rumored to join the field. But if they do, they have to act fast: The deadline to file papers for mayor is Tuesday, Jan. 9 at 5 p.m.

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