Macy's Promises Not To Trash Beach with Tonight's Super Bowl Fireworks

Earlier in the week, evidence of the good time we're all having with Super Bowl 50 washed up on the beach at Aquatic Park, where National Parks Service rangers spent a few hours raking up what appeared to be the empty shells and scraps from spent fireworks.

Environmental groups like S.F. Baykeeper have contacted who they believe to be the responsible party: a fireworks company hired by Macy's, which set off a bunch of fireworks earlier in the week to mark the opening of San Francisco's current crown jewel, the Baghdad Green Zone fortified encampment known as “Super Bowl City.”

And tonight, when the retailer is expected to fund yet another pyrotechnics spectacular, Macy's totally promises not to trash the beaches again. Because the one lesson of Super Bowl 50 is this: learning from your mistakes. Right? 

Macy's initially appeared to avoid responsibility for the mess, claiming to  have used “self-consuming” fireworks for the big show. 

The debris below, photographed by NPS rangers and provided to SF Weekly by the local staff from the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, looks an awful lot like fireworks debris.

The Bay is no stranger to fireworks, and yet this never normally happens.

Thus far, there appear to be no repercussions from the mess. NPS has not sought any compensation, according to a spokesman.

Local environmental watchdog San Francisco Baykeeper sent queries to the Coast Guard as well as the Port of San Francisco to ascertain who — Macy's, Pyro Spectaculars, the NFL, God — was responsible for pulling the permits for the fireworks display, and ergo who to blame for the mess. 

The NPS has not received any formal word from the Super Bowl Host Committee about the origin of the mess, but Macy's and Pyro Spectaculars, the fireworks vendor used for the event, promised to do better tonight.

Like many other things Super Bowl-related, there's room to improve. 

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